TechHive Spring 2017: Day 1

After some brief introductions, we launched right into Day 1 with a Scratch/ Hummingbird tutorial. The goal was to get everyone up to speed on some basic engineering and programming concepts. We achieved this by putting on a Robot Petting Zoo. A Robot Petting Zoo is a concept that we've been developing in TechHive for the past several years. The Interns have 6 hours to design and program an animatronic, cardboard pet that will delight the young visitors of the Lawrence Hall of Science. It is a simple design challenge with endless possibility. 

The key skills that the interns learned from the Robot Petting Zoo were basic Scratch programming, introduction to microcontrollers (Hummingbird), introduction to servos, introduction to LEDs, rapid prototyping, critique principles, cardboard cutting techniques and simple mechanisms.

The TechHive interns will present their robot pets to the visitors of the Lawrence Hall of Science at 2pm next week. Wish them luck!