TechHive Fall 2017: Day 7 // "How to Make a Good Impression."

We split up all the interns throughout the day and had them either continue working on their final project or participate in our professional development workshop. Day 7 was all about "How to Make a Good Impression" which focused on cultivating their networking skills. Our idea of "Good Impressions" also included having all the interns wear business style attire for their professional headshots. This gave them both the sense of what kind of clothes are appropriate in a professional setting and equipped them with a great headshot they could use for a variety of reasons.

20171104_120321 (1).jpg

We made sure they had the full experience of a photoshoot so they could leave with a few professional headshots that they could be proud of. They all looked great and took amazing photos! Our interns really represented TechHive well today.

20171104_122828_HDR (2).jpg

For our workshop of the day, we focused on their elevator speeches, handshakes, professional bios, and LinkedIn (which would be a great opportunity for them to use their headshots!)

First, we had the interns work on their elevator speeches. They learned how to highlight themselves and their accomplishments in a perfect 30-60 seconds. They practiced and critiqued each other, which always proves to be a valuable and necessary skill.

While they practiced with each other, we also made sure they perfected the art of a good handshake. Look at their perfectly firm and natural handshakes!

20171104_135423 (1).jpg

Next, we had to talk about how to write a great professional bio and how to use LinkedIn. We used the LinkedIn Profile Checklist for high schoolers and made them think critically about all the unique skills they bring to the table.

A professional bio and LinkedIn are great ways for our interns to learn how to tell their stories. Each of them bring a variety of skills, talents, knowledge, accomplishments and value to TechHive and our goal is to equip them with ways to understand and learn that from themselves and others!