TechHive Fall 2017: Day 6 // "The Essence of a Good Resume"

TechHive is a comprehensive internship where we teach high schoolers valuable skills, such as programming and prototyping, AND also provide opportunities for them to develop both personally and professionally. On Day 6, we split up the interns into smaller groups in order to implement one of our workshops, "The Essence of a Good Resume." We had the opportunity to learn about what they need to do to showcase the skills and talents they have on their resume!


The workshop was particularly relevant for our senior interns who are currently applying to colleges, writing personal statements, and submitting resumes for a variety of reasons. We talked all about the quick tips for formatting, what sections to include, and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to write really great descriptions about their experiences!


Since TechHive also emphasizes team work and collaboration (important skills to add to a resume!) our interns had the opportunity to read and review each other's drafts. This gave them valuable, one-on-one, peer perspective feedback. It also enabled them to critically think about what their resumes reflect about themselves. They even had the chance to hear from one of our long time volunteers, Mary Thompson, and her experiences reading resumes/cover letters for internships when she worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Since many of our interns are interested in STEM careers, especially in computer science and engineering, this was valuable insight for them to have.

IMG_8003 (1).JPG

One of our goals in TechHive is to empower and equip our high school interns with the skills necessary to succeed after they complete this internship. After engaging in substantiative, problem solving team work and creating an interactive final project, they'll also have the professional tools necessary to showcase all the amazing work that they've done!


This is just one of many professional development opportunities we have for our TechHive Interns! See you next Saturday!