TechHive Fall 2017: Day 3 // RPZ JUICE

We spent the first part of our day perfecting our Robot Petting Zoo creations using hummingbirds, Scratch, and lots of cardboard. Our teams continued making their robotic angler fish with lots of moving, blinking, blaring pieces using LEDs, servos and motion sensors.

We really stress the design process in TechHive as an important skill to learn. A vital component of this process is making sure everyone focuses on the “mechanics” of their projects before moving on to what we like to call “THE JUICE.” This is to make sure they don’t get distracted by the aesthetics before everything is fully functional. Once this team finished their mechanics, they worked on the flair by adding bits of balloons as scales and fluffy balls on top of it's head. They wanted to make sure it was appealing and fun in order to engage little kids.

The most frustrating part of the project was debugging and executing the code. They kept having issues with getting the Hummingbird controller to be detected by Scratch and adjusting the angles and movement of the motors. They found that the most effective way of overcoming this issue was by rebooting everything and debugging the program by breaking it up into little bits until they found the problem.


Their goal of the day was to make something fun and interesting while learning and developing new skills. It was rewarding to see the end product because of how hard they worked on it and they can’t wait to see how the kids will react to it. They definitely made something fun, but are looking forward to creating the more ambitious projects that we have planned for them!