TechHive Winter 2017: Day 2

Today we began to assemble the Explainer Bot. While most of the Explainer Bot pieces were laser cut in advance, some components still needed to be drilled and counter sunk. For this, everyone was trained how to safely use a drill press. 

TechHive interns also got experience using soldering irons. The interns soldered leads onto the LED array that will become their Explainer Both's mouth. Knowing how to solder properly is a key skill when working with small electronics.

Half of the day was spent building the intern's programming and design skills through the creation of an animatronic angler fish. Interns made LEDs blink and Servos move using a Hummingbird Controller and Scratch programming. They also got a distance sensor to work using variable and loops in Scratch. These are the same tools they will use to make their animatronic Explainer Bots come to life.