Mole-a-Whack @ Maker Faire

The TechHive designed, built, and operated the Lawrence Hall of Science booth at Maker Faire 2015.

Winner of 4 Editor's Choice Awards and 3 Best-in-Class Awards!

Build, Test, Play!

Visitors first built their button, then they tested their buttons on our testing stations, which were built by our TechHive interns. Once they knew their button worked, they played Mole-a-Whack!

Powered by Scratch and Arduino!

The scoreboard for Mole-a-Whack was programmed in Scratch. The scoreboard kept track of scores for each individual player and for the team. This program also paced the experience and provided all sound effects. Check out the scratch program here.



The electronics were powered by the Arduino Leonardo, which sent keyboard strokes to the Scratch Program. Early prototypes of Mole-a-Whack were powered by the MaKey MaKey.


Co-designed by our teen interns

Featured on the Make Magazine Blog too!

Check out the article here.