The World's Smallest Parade

The Challenge

Create a miniature parade of line following robots that can be easily customized by the Lawrence Hall of Science visitors.We wanted kids and their families to interact directly with robotics, and to explore linkages and motion transfer systems. Finally, we wanted visitors to have a fun way of displaying what they've learned to others.

Our Solution

During the Winter of 2016, the TechHive interns had 3 weeks to design a line following robot, 3 weeks to design a versatile linkages system, and 3 weeks to design the public experience. We wanted to provide this cohort of interns (many of whom had been with TechHive for more than 3 years) with a design challenge that would require them to apply everything they've learned over the years. This includes CAD, Arduino programming, cardboard prototyping, laser cut design, and user experience design.


The World's Smallest Parade went onto the main floor of the Lawrence Hall of Science on March 12, 2016. It drew over 400 visitors who interacted with the tiny parade robots and learned about the technology behind this experience.