Explainer Bots

Explainer Bots at the Lawrence Hall of Science

Lawrence Hall of Science - Design Quest

The Challenge:

High School students had a 10-week session in which they were challenged to create animatronic bots that would be able to explain science concepts to visitors. The Bots had to be understandable and intriguing to visitors of all ages while talking about the exhibit where they were stationed. 

Our Solution

Each group of five used cardboard as a base to create an Explainer bot. The interns learned a variety of skills during the session, including programming in Scratch; CAD design; 3D printing; soldering; small electronics; and the user-centered design process. Each group was challenged to create a robot with a unique look and personality. They programmed the robot to make different expressions, then wrote and recorded a script that described one of the Design Quest exhibits.


The intern's robots went live on the floor of the Lawrence Hall of Science on the 19th of December, 2015. The Explainer Bot unveiling drew 300+ visitors, who could learn from the bots and interact with their designers.