Happy Hollow - MP3 Magic


Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

The Challenge:

Happy Hollow, located in San Jose, California wanted to add an interactive element to their Danny the Dragon train ride. The solution needed to be low-cost, easy to maintain, and durable enough to handle all weather conditions.

Our Solution:

Patrick Huston, a high school TechHive intern took on the lead to design "MP3 Magic” using off-the-shelf components including an Arduino with an MP3 shield. When the train triggers the IR sensor, it plays one of three pre-recorded audio tracks. The entire unit is housed in a weather-proof case


The “MP3 Magic” has been part of the Danny the Dragon train ride since September of 2014. This system provides a versatile and low-cost solution to Happy Hollow's challenge. The “MP3 Magic” could be easily customized and replicated to provide sounds to a variety of attractions.

Letter of Recognition from Happy Hollow: