Math on a Sphere


Lawrence Hall of Science - Center for Technology Innovation

The Challenge:

Math on a Sphere project needed to test the coding platform in a public programs format to be used for museums. An open question was whether museum visitors could be engaged in learning how to code and learn some 3D geometry.

Our Solution:

A program called "Haunted Math" was created to coincide with the Halloween season. A giant spherical projection surfaced (Science on a Sphere) was used to share different designs that visitors could create. Visitors made different kinds of ghouls, cats, and pumpkins by coding on laptops, while other visitors drew onto projections of their faces onto orange balloons.


Visitors celebrated the afternoon at the science center designing digital and physical objects while learning math, coding, and 3D geometry. Families with kids as young as 6-years old enjoyed seeing their 3D geometric designs projected onto a large spherical sphere while a "DJ" announced each design to share it.