CS Playground Camp


Lawrence Hall of Science - Student & Family Programs

The Challenge:

The Education department was interested in creating new technology-rich offering into its summer camp catalog to meet the demands of parent customers. TechHive was faced with turning many early ideas into a 2-week fun summer camp enrichment for kids ages 10-13.

Our Solution:

The curriculum was divided into two parts - code it and build it. During the build it section, the kids use basic craft materials like cardboard and aluminum foil to create the mechanics of a carnival game. In the code it section,  kids focused on Scratch and programming user feedback. Kids progressively developed skills through specific building projects in the first week. Using these skills, kids then designed their own unique game in the following week. The camp ended with a camper-run midway on the museum floor. After receiving coaching, the campers gave presentations of their games to parents and museum visitors, followed by a celebration of playing all the carnival games together.


Campers not only gained a solid understanding, practice, and experience of basic programming, but also learned how to build and do cardboard prototyping. Many of the campers remained active in the online Scratch community.