Cardboard Pacman Console


Lawrence Hall of Science - Ingenuity Program

The Challenge:

We were tasked to make an exhibit for the Open Make: Toys and Games public program at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Our other challenge was to give the TechHive teen interns hands-on fabrication experience with basic cutting tools as this was one of the first projects completed in the TechHive.

Our Solution:

We made a 3D Model of a console in SketchUp and then created cut templates to fabricate the model out of cardboard using 123D Make. The templates were scaled to life-size using a projector and all of the parts were hand cut by the TechHive staff and teen interns.
While the console was made out of cardboard, the screen was a recycled computer monitor, which was powered by an old laptop from behind. The control board was a powered by a MaKey MaKey connected to the laptop and it was designed by teen intern Alex.


This exhibit piqued the interest of the visitors and it gave us an entry point to talk to kids about conductivity, circuitry, and programming. This project was also featured on the company Tumblr's home page for a few days!