The Robot Petting Zoo

The Robot Petting Zoo is a beginner friendly hackathon built to engage youth in science and technology. It was designed to be welcoming to everyone. Instead of competing, groups work collaboratively to put on a fun event for the public. Participants learn coding, electronics and physical prototyping by building an interactive robotic pet. The goal of these animatronic animals is to delight the public, which makes art, creativity and humor essential skills in the design process.

The first Robot Petting Zoo was created by the Lawrence Hall of Science in 2015. Since then, teachers and makers from around the United States have hosted a dozen other RPZ events. We want you to join our team of robot zookeepers! On this website you will find all of the tutorials, examples and guides that you need to run your own Robot Petting Zoo. Together, we can engage a new generation in STEM and bring more diversity to the fields of science and technology.