At TechHive, youth work alongside designers and educators to develop public experiences that promote science and technology education. Our design work includes exhibits, workshops, games, teaching guides and media. These experiences have touched thousands of members of the public since 2013.

Best of all, by bringing high school and undergraduate students onto our design team, and having them work alongside professional scientists, engineers, designers and educators we get an opportunity to train a new generation of creative minds. We believe the combination of real world problems, hands-on work, and a community that is diverse in ideas, backgrounds and experiences forms the best environment for youth who want to develop their passion and skills. It also gives our staff an opportunity to co-develop new educational materials with the input of the youth who will ultimately use them. Hear more about the program in this short video:

By partnering with TechHive for this project, our students got the opportunity to see what a young mind is really capable of. It was great to see how the students applied what they learned in science in a practical and fun way. With the direction of AJ and Matt and the students from the Lawrence Hall of Science, we were able to provide an educational and fun interactive experience... Everyone had the chance to express their creativity, interact with their community and have a great time learning.
— Kevin Goines, Assistant Principal, Albany High

Projects are at the heart of TechHive. Some take only a few days, other weeks or even months to complete. Our work includes museum exhibits, workshops, public programs, media and curriculum. All of these projects are co-developed by our interdisciplinary team of professional designers and student interns.