At TechHive, youth work alongside designers and educators to develop public experiences that promote science and technology education. Our design work includes exhibits, workshops, games, teaching guides and media. These experiences have touched thousands of members of the public since 2013.

Best of all, by bringing high school and undergraduate students onto our design team, and having them work alongside professional scientists, engineers, designers and educators we get an opportunity to train a new generation of creative minds. We believe the combination of real world problems, hands-on work, and a community that is diverse in ideas, backgrounds and experiences forms the best environment for youth who want to develop their passion and skills. It also gives our staff an opportunity to co-develop new educational materials with the input of the youth who will ultimately use them. Hear more about the program in this short video:

By partnering with TechHive for this project, our students got the opportunity to see what a young mind is really capable of. It was great to see how the students applied what they learned in science in a practical and fun way. With the direction of AJ and Matt and the students from the Lawrence Hall of Science, we were able to provide an educational and fun interactive experience... Everyone had the chance to express their creativity, interact with their community and have a great time learning.
— Kevin Goines, Assistant Principal, Albany High

We are part of a growing movement of learning spaces where young people work on interest-driven projects, alongside professionals and adult mentors. Depending on who you talk to, the TechHive might be known as a YOUmedia Learning Lab, a Maker Space, a hacker space, a Fab Lab, or another name.The TechHive gives young innovators a place to think, dream, play, and build things in a community of learners.



When she is not studying cognitive science, Ariel is brushing up on her Japanese or making her own indie videogames. She joins TechHive to help other youth express their creative ideas using media and technology.

Ariel joins TechHive with 6+ years of experience as a museum educator, where she has taught classes on engineering, computer science and animation. Currently studying cognitive science and japanese in university, Ariel is also our resident expert on comic book culture and game design

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Dora Medrano

Dora Medrano is a senior at UC Berkeley. She’s majoring in Applied Math in Quantum Mechanics and minoring in Science & Math Education. She’s currently working on her mathematics teaching credential through CalTeach and looks forward to bringing the beauty of math and science to all communities.

Dora has played many roles at the Lawrence Hall of Science, from working in the Ingenuity Lab to teaching workshops to facilitating TechHive. Her plan is to pursue a career in curriculum and professional development while designing educational technology that can be accessible and affordable in any math classroom.


Staff Alumni



Educational Media Producer and former TechHive Manager, Matt is a local who grew up in the East Bay. A carpenter, a puppet fabricator, a filmmaker, and a classroom teacher, Matt has been seeking new ways to engage young minds in story telling and technology for over 15 years.

Working with organizations like the Jim Henson Company, The Children’s Creativity Museum and Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, Matt has found his niche directly between the worlds of media and education. He first came to the Lawrence Hall of Science in 2012 to develop a new animation camp for middle school students. He has had the great pleasure to watch the TechHive’s media program grow into a bonafide production studio with the capability to produce commercials, training videos and other types of educational media.



Designer and educator, Andrew migrated south from the misty mountains of Canada to continue his quest to build workshops where youth can learn with their hands and have fun with technology.

Originally trained in Human Computer Interaction (he spent several years building Virtual Reality interfaces), Andrew has spent the past few years building makerspaces, developing curriculum and running hands-on technology programs for youth. Splitting his time between teaching, tinkering and grad school, Andrew built out a makerspace at Science World (the science museum in Vancouver), co-founded a social venture that used a mobile workshop to do hands-on technology classes with youth, served on the board of the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, and published research on the habits of amateur designers. Andrew hopes to build on this experience at TechHive, and help create a welcoming space where young people from all walks of life can get excited about science and technology.



The visionary and founder of the TechHive, Sherry dreams of youth turning their innovative ideas into products and services that make the planet a happier, smarter, and greener place for all.

Sherry brings together a dynamic team of educators, students, and professionals together to inspire the next generation of youth in making. As a sophomore in college, Sherry got her first job working at the Lawrence Hall of Science teaching math and computers to young children. After completing her degrees in engineering and science education from UC Berkeley, Sherry spent 20+ years working on designing innovative learning environments using different technologies. Sherry’s dream is to create a thriving youth program that promotes innovative thinking and nurtures the curiosity of aspiring STEM professionals


Cal student, museum educator and trilingual cyborg (ci-borg... ask her about it). Madison joins us as a Cal undergraduate student and brings her experience running teen programs at Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Madison is currently studying Environmental Economics and Policy at UC Berkeley. In addition to her environmental knowledge, she brings her experience from Turtle Bay Exploration Park, where she lead the teen volunteer program and helped develop educational stations for the museum floor.



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Design Engineer/ Engineering Educator,  AJ is the happiest when he is working on complex, multidisciplinary design projects in the company of other crazy fun kids and adults.

After co-founding the Berkeley Engineers and Mentors student group while studying Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley, AJ worked at Baxter Healthcare in their R&D division, testing new medical devices. However, he found himself volunteering all of his weekends at the Fab Lab at the Museum of Science and Industry… which made him think that perhaps he’d be happier working at a science museum. AJ’s biggest source of inspiration is BEAM Camp, which is a summer sleepaway camp in the forests of New Hampshire. He worked there in the summer between Baxter and the Lawrence Hall of Science.


Joseline Padilla Alvarez

Joseline joined us as an undergraduate from UC Berkeley's Integrated Biology program, where she is pursuing her teaching credentials. Joseline's experience with technology education began when she was competing in a robotics competition as a high school student. Since then she has continued to support and mentor youth at the Lawrence Hall of Science and brings all of her passion and wonderful organizational powers to TechHive.




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Projects are at the heart of TechHive. Some take only a few days, other weeks or even months to complete. Our work includes museum exhibits, workshops, public programs, media and curriculum. All of these projects are co-developed by our interdisciplinary team of professional designers and student interns.